Oscar Preview

“We should talk about the Oscars,” Fr. Dave said, a few minutes before the recording began.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes, I have a list of the nominees,” he replied.

“Do you know any of them?”

“Not really.”

And then we wasted both our time and yours talking about something we didn’t know about. Well, that has never stopped us before 🙂

Fr. Dave and I got to spend the day together on Saturday. It began at Amber Van Vickle’s funeral outside of Pittsburgh, and finished that evening up in Cleveland for an alumni event where we went to the Cavs game. We talk about both of those events, other sports, the Oscars, and the Gospel reading for this upcoming Sunday, which is the story of the “Woman at the Well” from John chapter 4. This is a favorite story for both Fr. Dave and I, and I loved his insights on it.

So, other than the Oscar stuff, I hope you are blessed by this episode!

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