Music is a huge part of my life, and I’ve been blessed to record numerous CDs and play in front of hundreds of thousands of people over many years of ministry, both as a singer/songwriter as well as worship leader. My music is available on all the usual places: Apple, Amazon, Spotify, etc. You can ask Siri or Alexa to “Play Bob Rice” or “Play Steubenville Worship” and enjoy the music. You can sample a few songs on the top right corner of this webpage, and I have a couple of my songs on the VIDEOS page as well.

My latest musical project is helping Franciscan University students and alumni share their gifts of worship to a larger audience. It’s called STEUBENVILLE WORSHIP and you can check out that website, too. If you have an event where you want dynamic and inspirational music, we’d love to be a part of it.

Clicking on the below CD covers will take you Apple Music page where you can hear each song. Enjoy!

A blend of traditional hymns and contemporary worship music that reflects the fullness of the Catholic faith, recorded in front of thousands of people in Steubenville, Ohio.
An upbeat, rocking, and joyful celebration of the merciful love of God, some of Bob’s most popular songs from 2006-2015!
An accordion-driven rock & roll, bluegrass, Irish, Christian/Catholic music experience that glorifies God and is fun to listen to.
An inspiring collection of original worship music, featuring many live recordings from Steubenville conferences. Also features a new studio recording of “I Shall Be Healed” with Katie Rose (who appeared with Bob on EWTN’s “Backstage”.)
EGSS—Front Cover (square)
“Everybody’s Got A Song To Sing” is an upbeat, rocking jam to God’s glory that blends inspiring lyrics with driving rock beats, resulting in a sonic experience that will shake your speakers as much as it will move your soul. Voted “favorite album” by fans!
Live worship from Steubenville, Ohio! Bob leads a talented group of musicians in front of thousands of worshippers at the 2008 Steubenville summer conferences.
Drawing from traditional bluegrass roots as well as country and newgrass styles made popular by such artists as Alison Krauss and Nickel Creek, Nowhere Else To Go is a back porch jam of dynamic harmonies, incredible music, and songs of faith.
The soundtrack for the Steubenville experience. This music is guaranteed to get you on your feet and waving your hands in the air. Features theme songs from 1996 to 2007!
Shining Like The Son is a rocking and worshipful celebration that spans a decade (1996-2005) of one of Catholic music’s most innovative independent musicians. It features such songs as, “Behold the Lamb”, “Are You Amazed?” and “Unfinished”.
Lyrically driven pop melodies fused with a classic rock sound, “Drive Thru-Jesus” was one of the best albums released by Backyard Galaxy, one of the most popular Catholic rock groups in the early ’00s.
Backyard Galaxy’s first EP featured an inspiring blend of pop, rock, and hip-hop (the latter provided by Bob Lesnefsky, who would go on to become Righteous B) that launched them into being one of the most popular Catholic rock bands of the early 00’s. (Link coming soon.)
Bob’s first two albums are not only some of the most popular, but also the most personal. “Behold the Lamb” not only features the eponymous theme song (arguably the most popular theme song from Steubenville), but also “I Shall Be Healed” (his most popular song ever) and a moving song about Bob’s unborn child, “Christopher Augustine”. “No Other”, his sophomore album, builds on many themes from the previous one with more sophisticated music arrangement and even better production.
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