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The Hours (Sneak Preview)

I had an amazing weekend at my son’s wedding! I can’t wait to say more about it in next week’s episode. Needless to say, it was a crazy busy time. So when I woke up on Monday, I realized that I had to fly… Continue Reading “The Hours (Sneak Preview)”

Texting Like a Baby

Man, Fr. Dave is such a baby when his stuff gets edited out of the podcast! Last week I brought up gambling addictions and how serious they were. Fr. Dave then told a story of playing a dollar at a slot machine and getting… Continue Reading “Texting Like a Baby”

The Gambler

I’m busy grading! Graduation is this week and grades are due. So, enjoy the episode 🙂

Achtave, Baby

One of U2’s most popular albums was called “Achtung, Baby,” and that was the reference I was going for in the podcast when I said, “Octave, Baby.” To even make the obscure reference more obnoxious, I titled the episode after it. As you’ve probably… Continue Reading “Achtave, Baby”

Appendages with Digits

Well, both teams that Fr. Dave assigned me to root for last week lost (no surprise, there), and though we didn’t know it at the time, UConn won the NCAA tournament. On the women’s side, congrats to LSU! And, for the record, I actually… Continue Reading “Appendages with Digits”

It Was Rocky IV

Yes, I did see Creed III this weekend. And I hadn’t even seen Creed I or II. Or Rocky I-VI. Still loved it! Apparently, all the Catholic schools are out of the Final Four, and it has been a crazy March for upsets. None… Continue Reading “It Was Rocky IV”

March Madness

Ironically, I watched college basketball this weekend and Fr. Dave did not! But that was because he was in Ireland and then Austria, whereas I was hanging with a cool priest in his basement while being away at a parish mission. I was watching… Continue Reading “March Madness”

What Does God Want? (Discernment)

In our conclusion of the six-part series that reflects on a book written by Fr. Mike Scanlan, TOR, “What Does God Want?”, Dcn. Mike Welker and I discuss two more “c” words that need to be understood for prayerful discernment: confusion and courage. Some… Continue Reading “What Does God Want? (Discernment)”


As our regular listeners know, we usually shoot for 35 minutes per podcast. This one was 47! Perhaps it was because we recorded it on Sunday night (which is unusual for us). Or maybe we just had more to talk about? Anyway, the time… Continue Reading “Post-Truth”

Oscar Preview

“We should talk about the Oscars,” Fr. Dave said, a few minutes before the recording began. “Really?” I asked. “Yes, I have a list of the nominees,” he replied. “Do you know any of them?” “Not really.” And then we wasted both our time… Continue Reading “Oscar Preview”