What Does God Want? (Confirmation and Conviction)

Because the last two questions were brief, Mike and I decided to combine them into one episode.

The fourth question is, “How has this been confirmed?” God will allow our good decisions to bear fruit in our lives, the best fruit being that of the Holy Spirit: peace, faithfulness, self-control, etc.

The final question is, “Does my heart say, ‘yes’?” Do we have a conviction to do this?

Mike and I talk about examples from the book, and also examples from our own lives.

But wait… we’re not done yet! We have one more episode about the book, where we put into practice the questions and talk about how we can use them to help other discern God’s will. That will be up in two weeks!

PS. I’m sorry I didn’t post any of the Speaking with Deacon’s podcasts the past few weeks. I was crazy busy doing the Kickstarter fundraiser for a new album (praise God, we made it!) and I just wasn’t able to find the time to make the edits, post content, etc.

PPS. One of the ways I am applying this book to my own life is asking what projects I should or shouldn’t do. “Speaking with Deacons” is one of those projects. When I think about the “confirmation” test, is it bearing the fruit God wants? Does all the time I spend on doing it bear fruit in other people’s lives? If you’ve been blessed by these episodes, please give me a shout out at deaconbobrice@gmail.com. And, if you can, please support this podcast by going here.

What Does God Want? (Discernment) Speaking with Deacons

In this final episode of "What Does God Want?", Dcn. Bob and Dcn. Mike discuss two more "c" words, "Confusion" and "Courage," and wrap up the series by offering practical advice on how to apply these principles in prayerful discernment.
  1. What Does God Want? (Discernment)
  2. What Does God Want? (Confirmation and Conviction)
  3. What Does God Want? (Consistent)
  4. What Does God Want? (Conversion)
  5. What Does God Want? (Conformity)

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