Cool Catholic Graphic Novel

I was doing a gig in Venice, Florida where I met this amazing guy named Andrea Molinari (yes, it’s a guy’s name). We have a lot of things in common: we love Jesus, Catholicism, our family, role-playing games, and comic books, just to name a few.

Well, he just got a set of comic books published and they are really incredible. Here’s the synopsis:

After Professor Lawrence Miller’s teenage son Val’s tragic death from a drug overdose, he cannot shake the sense that his son’s soul is lost and wandering between heaven and earth. Grieving and deeply disturbed, he commits suicide, pursuing his son into the afterlife. Lawrence’s soul awakens and immediately encounters his deceased father who has arrived in order to help him transition. Lawrence rejects his father’s offer, choosing instead to stay in the ‘seam,’ the middle ground between heaven and earth, so that he can find his son and seek retribution. Lawrence embarks on his search for Val, beginning at his son’s grave. Lawrence begins to wage a brutal campaign of retribution against those responsible for the drugs that killed Val. His existence becomes a terrifying conflict between his unchecked anger… and his instinctive knowledge that he has lost his way.

It is daring story-telling, certainly dark. I love the supernatural element of it. Sometimes I feel that Catholic (or Protestant) story tellers aren’t willing to play with the supernatural genre which is so popular with audiences today. For example, from a theological perspective, can a person have supernatural powers and encounter living people from the afterlife? Yeah, probably not 🙂 But the “Catholic” elements of the story lie not in the narrative details but in the themes the story brings forth: redemption, forgiveness, and hope in the face of despair. Really great stuff.

I’ve included links below to check it out. Might not be your “cup of tea” as my British friends say, but if you are into this kind of stuff it is certainly worth your support. We need more of this out there!

Amazon. Comixology. Drive-Thru Comics.


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