You can’t unsee this.

In 2010 I was part of a video project called “CateQUIZ’em!” where we created a number of short films about chastity. This is one of them. To be honest, I had forgotten it existed! But that is the power of recorded stuff. It always comes back to haunt you. This has to be one of the strangest videos on chastity ever produced. See what I looked like before glasses and bow-ties.

3 Comments on “You can’t unsee this.

  1. At first, I was wondering where it was going and whether it would have a Catholic message. It was GREAT! I love the message and the interjected humor, esp the changing table and the “savior” comment. It was genuinely funny and helpful. Thanks!

  2. Oh BTW, I’m using your 40 Day Get Holy app. and I’m an old(er) person. It’s also great and I am going to recommend it throughout my parish. God bless you.

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