St. Maria Goretti



Today is the feast day of one of my favorite saints, St. Maria Goretti. As a young man, I had two medals on my scapular: one was St. Joseph, and the other was St. Maria Goretti. Her story of purity, faith, and forgiveness is one of the most inspiring stories of a teenage saint that I know of. I named my daughter after her (and named her “twin” Joseph.) And when I had a chance to write a script about purity, I knew exactly what two people I’d love to write about.

This picture was drawn by an amazingly talented friend who wished to remain anonymous. And the video was produced by my good friends at Outside Da Box.

St. Maria Goretti, pray for us!

3 Comments on “St. Maria Goretti

  1. What a work of art! Anyway, i really appreciate that video and i understand what is the video all about. Thanks a lot for posting! It was fantastic!

  2. Dear Bob,

    I am from the Catholic Dioceses of Arabia, and we are currently organising a youth conference for Catholic young adults across the Middle East. One of our patron saints for the conference is St. Maria Goretti and this art work of your friends’ will really appeal to them. I would like your permission to use this in one of our Maria Goretti quote posts. We will give full credit to your page as well as mention your anonymous friend’s contribution to her legacy without naming them. Please do let me know if this is ok. This is a completely non-profit event, the only profit being to Jesus for the souls of these children. God bless. Anthony.

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