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Appendages with Digits

Well, both teams that Fr. Dave assigned me to root for last week lost (no surprise, there), and though we didn’t know it at the time, UConn won the NCAA tournament. On the women’s side, congrats to LSU! And, for the record, I actually… Continue Reading “Appendages with Digits”

It Was Rocky IV

Yes, I did see Creed III this weekend. And I hadn’t even seen Creed I or II. Or Rocky I-VI. Still loved it! Apparently, all the Catholic schools are out of the Final Four, and it has been a crazy March for upsets. None… Continue Reading “It Was Rocky IV”

March Madness

Ironically, I watched college basketball this weekend and Fr. Dave did not! But that was because he was in Ireland and then Austria, whereas I was hanging with a cool priest in his basement while being away at a parish mission. I was watching… Continue Reading “March Madness”

Darth Vader (with a Lisp)

Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob discuss Banana Ball (Fr. Dave got an autographed picture!), hockey, travel, the beauty of nature, and the Transfiguration.

The Hours: Listening

Less than a thousand away from our goal! Please support our project by going to http://kck.st/3jfv9SZ Again, another wonderful song written by Mary! Here is her explanation of it: There’s something about songs that are 100% grounded in Scripture. That’s part of the reason… Continue Reading “The Hours: Listening”

The Hours: Beloved King

Please support our project by going here! http://kck.st/3jfv9SZ Since Mary wrote this song, I’ll let her give the explanation… Have you ever read something that cut straight to your heart? Something that just seemed to speak directly to you and to open up a… Continue Reading “The Hours: Beloved King”

What Does God Want? (Consistent)

Another tool for discernment is what Fr. Mike called “the consistency test.” Is the manner in which you think God is calling you similar to the ways he has spoken to you before? There is often a pattern to the way God communicates with… Continue Reading “What Does God Want? (Consistent)”

Canticle of Judith

If you aren’t familiar, Judith is a book in the Old Testament—one of the ones that isn’t included in the Bibles that Protestant’s use. Because so much praise and worship music is written by Protestants (and, by the way, thank you to all the… Continue Reading “Canticle of Judith”

“The Hours” is now LIVE!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this new album with you. This is something I’ve been working on with Mary and Anna Brewer over the past six months. But I need your help to finish it! Mary, Anna, and I… Continue Reading ““The Hours” is now LIVE!”

What Does God Want? (Conversion)

In this episode of Speaking with Deacons, Dcn. Mike and I talk about the second question that Fr. Mike Scanlan proposes we ask when discerning: “Does it encourage conversion?” Fr. Mike wrote, “The world is full of ideas and pleasures and values that tug… Continue Reading “What Does God Want? (Conversion)”