This is Wrong on So Many Levels

It started with this:

Which lead to this:

To be honest, I’m not so much offended by the cover of Time as I am embarrassed for the poor kid who will be haunted by this picture for the rest of his life. Can you imagine what his friends at school will say?

UPDATE: Apparently the kid is home schooled. But… still.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Apparently that’s not his mom, just an actress, making this kid the smoothest operator since Squints made out with Wendy the Lifeguard.

FINAL UPDATE: There’s are some things in this blog that aren’t entirely accurate.

4 Comments on “This is Wrong on So Many Levels

  1. I just wanna say… I was the first to suggest a Catholic Comedians tour!!!! …..but I won’t ask for creative rights money….. because I know there isn’t none…. Good day to you sir…

  2. I just hope that picture is photoshopped…if that child is not the son of that woman…then that picture is just…really not okay.

  3. That is his mother: and the kid is barely 4 years old. Some anthropologists suggest that the natural weaning age for humans, based on observations of primitive societies and the mothering behaviors of other primates, is between 2 and 7 years old. And since when is the solution to do or not do something because someone might make fun? Isn’t the solution to educate or, failing that, to chalk it up to ignorance on the part of the offending party and simply walk away?

    • I was kidding about that not being his mother. As a father of six kids our family has always breastfed, though not that late. I wasn’t trying to make fun of breast-feeding, even at that age (which is a bit older then current cultural norms.) It’s not the idea but the image that provokes laughter—which doesn’t help those who would advocate for older breastfeeding. Having a mother standing while their four year old boy is breastfeeding, on a chair, while they look into the camera is a bit over the top. Sorry if our conversation offended you.

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