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All-Star Wars

This is probably the most serious disagreement Fr. Dave and I have ever had on the show. I love the NBA All-Star Game. He hates it. He thinks the only worthwhile all-star game is… wait for it… baseball. Eventually we had to agree to… Continue Reading “All-Star Wars”

Super Bowl LVII

Great game! I didn’t really have a favorite, so I’m just glad it was fun to watch. Congrats to all the Chiefs fan, and my condolences to the Eagles. Don’t worry, you will fly, fly again. Someone noticed that our previous podcast didn’t have… Continue Reading “Super Bowl LVII”

Authentic Friendships

Dang, third post in a week! And another one tomorrow 🙂 It might look like I’m really busy online, but many of these things (Speaking with Deacons, music from “The Hours”) are things I worked on last semester and now get a chance to… Continue Reading “Authentic Friendships”