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What Does God Want? (Discernment)

In our conclusion of the six-part series that reflects on a book written by Fr. Mike Scanlan, TOR, “What Does God Want?”, Dcn. Mike Welker and I discuss two more “c” words that need to be understood for prayerful discernment: confusion and courage. Some… Continue Reading “What Does God Want? (Discernment)”

What Does God Want? (Consistent)

Another tool for discernment is what Fr. Mike called “the consistency test.” Is the manner in which you think God is calling you similar to the ways he has spoken to you before? There is often a pattern to the way God communicates with… Continue Reading “What Does God Want? (Consistent)”

What Does God Want? (Conversion)

In this episode of Speaking with Deacons, Dcn. Mike and I talk about the second question that Fr. Mike Scanlan proposes we ask when discerning: “Does it encourage conversion?” Fr. Mike wrote, “The world is full of ideas and pleasures and values that tug… Continue Reading “What Does God Want? (Conversion)”