I’m excited to officially announce that my latest CD, “Mercifulove: Best of Bob Rice 2006-2015” is now available! You can download songs on ITUNES or download/purchase physical copies of the CD on CDBABY.

Though mostly a collection of previously released music, there are three “firsts” that make this CD special (well, to me anyway).

The CD is the first time I’ve ever recorded a “rejected” Steubenville Youth Conference theme song. “Rooted” was the theme in 2011 (to see that year’s promotional video click HERE… and then click HERE to see how far it has come!) so I wrote and submitted a song that I thought was pretty good. But when it was rejected I shelved it. Probably my artist’s insecurity, but I figured if it wasn’t good enough for the conferences then other people wouldn’t like it.

But over the years the song has been stuck in my head. I wanted to record some new music for the CD so I thought I’d give it a shot. And I think it came out amazing!

The second “first” is that this album has the first recording of a talk of mine ever put on a CD. About two years ago I gave an impromptu talk about how much Christ paid for us on the cross (you can see the video of that talk HERE) and since then many folks have been blessed by it. I’m really excited to have it on this disc because speaking is such an important part of what I do. My prayer is that someone will buy the CD for the music and be really touched by the message at the end.

The third and final “first” is that this CD marks the first time that a pope has formally declared a holy year based on the theme of my title track. I wrote the song “Merciful Love” based on one of my favorite psalms, Psalm 100, and I was in the studio recording it when Pope Francis made his announcement about the upcoming “Year of Mercy”. Wasn’t that nice of him to do?

Since I’ve emphasized the “firsts” I should probably also mention an important “second”: this is the second time I’ve released a “Best Of” album, celebrating a second decade of music. I feel blessed and privileged to have been making music for twenty years—and I can only keep doing it because of amazing people like you who listen to the music, share it with friends, and keep supporting the ministry. Without you guys I’m just strumming my guitar in the basement. It’s an honor to write, record, and play music for you all. I hope you are as blessed by the music I write as I am by your love and support.

All glory be to Jesus Christ!

PS. As I handed out some early releases of the CD, some asked why songs like “Heart of Jesus” and “Let Nothing Trouble You” weren’t on it. I’ll give more detail on that later, but the short answer is that I’m excited to be working with a publisher who is going to release some of my liturgical/worship songs (including those) on a separate album.


As I write from New Hampshire in my parent’s house (vacation time with my family,) it’s hard to believe it was just a day ago I was playing the final song of the summer at the Defending the Faith Conference.

The final conferences of the summer are always a high point. Wednesday to Friday was the “Applied Biblical Studies Conference,” and Friday to Sunday was the “Defending the Faith Conference.” Both were a tour-de-force of some of the best Catholic theologians, apologists, and inspirational speakers in the country. Participants ranged from all over the world (even a large group from Australia!) and the numbers were higher than ever.

While I love the energy and enthusiasm of the young people at the Steubenville Youth Conferences, I’m always impressed by the passion of the adults at the other adult conferences. These are men and women, living in the world, trying to be seed for the Gospel in the culture. They come hungry for fellowship, for worship, and for insight on how to live their faith more boldly in a world that is often against them. It’s a joy to lead worship for such amazing people!

For those that went, thank you for all you do. And a special thanks to all those who went out of their way to thank me for the music. It was my pleasure! Jennie and I were also very touched how at every adult conference this summer (and even some of the youth!) someone came up and gave us a boy baby gift!!! That’s what I truly love about the Steubenville summer conferences. It’s not a room of strangers interested in a similar topic; it’s a family reunion united in faith.

Some have asked about the music I played at the conference(s), and you can find that information in an earlier blog I posted here. 

Also, there’s just two days left to support my new CD, “The Gospel Accordion to Bob Rice.” I’m just $180 away from being able to add another song to the project, and another $1000 away from being able to include a lyrics booklet with each CD! That would be amazing. If you can help, you can learn more about it here.

God bless you all!

Here’s a song that will be off the new CD, “The Gospel Accordion to Bob Rice.” It’s called “Never Been Disappointed” and it’s based on Habakkuk 2:3, “For the vision is a witness for the appointed time, a testimony to the end; it will not disappoint.”

I recorded it at the Priests, Deacons, and Seminarians conference at Franciscan University of Steubenville, June 2013. I asked Meg, a staff photographer, if she could do video, and she said, “I’m not used to it, but I’ll try!” It’s me on accordion, Andrew Laubacher on electric guitar, Kevin Mahon on percussion, and Dan Bozek on bass. Not pictured are Amanda Enriquez and Emily Mislan on background vocals, and Matthew Fox on violin. They were off to the side.

Though there’s hand percussion and the recording will feature a full kit, I think song represents the “sound” I’m going for on the CD. Hope you are blessed by it! If you haven’t donated yet, please help make this project happen by clicking HERE, and if you have—thanks, and spread the word!


YouthCon005Last weekend, the Steubenville Summer Conferences began with the Catholic Charismatic Conference, and tomorrow over a thousand young people will come to campus for the summer’s first youth conference. People who went to the conference last weekend asked me about the new music I played, and people coming to the youth conferences have been asking what I will play, so I hope this blog will satisfy both those questions.

At the Catholic Charismatic Conference, here are some of the newer songs:

“Whom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)” by Chris Tomlin

“Great I Am” by Jared Anderson

“Consuming Fire” by Tim Hughes

“Lord, I Need You” by Matt Maher

“Christ Has Risen” by Matt Maher

“Our God” by Chris Tomlin

“Revelation Song” by Jennie Lee Riddle

I also played, “Never Been Disappointed” which is off my new CD project, “The Gospel Accordion to Bob Rice.” You can CLICK HERE to find out more about that.

This weekend, I’ll be playing all of the above, plus a few more key songs:

“One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)” off of Passion’s “White Flag” CD

“Lord of Lords” by Brooke Fraser

We’ll hit the “classics” that we usually play: “How Great is Our God,” “How He Loves,” “From the Inside Out,” “Days of Elijah,” “Marvelous Light,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “No One Like You,” and other songs like that.

And then there’s my stuff: “The Lord Is,” “Little Guy,” “Always You Are Faithful To Me,” “Open Wide,” from the CD “Everybody’s Got a Song to Sing;” “Heart of Jesus,” “You Came to Me,” and “I Shall Be Healed,” from the CD “I Shall Be Healed;” and a few new songs—”Never Been Disappointed,” “Thesaurus of Praise,” “Prince for a Pauper” from the new CD, “The Gospel Accordion to Bob Rice.”

Any summer requests? Leave a comment! And please say a prayer for the Steubenville Summer Conferences—God does great things through them, and I am honored to lead worship there!