Lent: Faith

Now, it is Fr. Dave’s turn to be in Arizona, and he and Dcn. Bob finally figure out Daylight Saving Time. Other topics include sports, the Oscars, Our Lady of Knock, and the virtue of faith. 

Lent: Temperance (Yoda Pants)

Fr. Dave is in Austria, I just got back from Arizona, and neither of us knew what time it was. We discussed basketball, the new Batman movie (spoilerish-free), how Mass is more than a communion service, and the virtue of temperance. We also had crazy technical difficulties, and by the time we got things working I forgot how long we had been recording… so you’ve got some “bonus” content 🙂 Enjoy!

Lent: Justice

Between Brady “un-retiring” and the baseball strike being over, it’s amazing Fr. Dave and I found time to talk about anything else! But we manage to discuss mission trips, liturgical seasons, and continue our Lenten reflection on the virtues, focusing on justice.

And, if you want to join Fr. Dave and I for Mass and/or a Cleveland Cavaliers game on March 30th, 2022, find out more at http://alumni.franciscan.edu/CAVS

Lent: Prudence

My turn! I lead the reflection about “prudence” at the end of this podcast. I had a cool “Holy Spirit” moment when I realized that prudence is the very virtue the world’s leaders need right now with the situation in the Ukraine. It is the use of “right reason” to determine the best course of action. Let’s keep them all in our prayers.

Also, if you are in the Cleveland area and can join Fr. Dave and I for Mass at the Cathedral and/or a Cavalier’s game, you can find out more at https://alumni.franciscan.edu/CAVS.

Lent: Fortitude

As you will see, I confronted Fr. Dave about some rumors I heard about this mistreatment of the stuffed Grogu in the Friary. Sadly, these rumors seem to be true!

Then our conversation turned to a far more serious matter, the crisis in the Ukraine. It is hard to feel so helpless when injustice is clearly being done.

We conclude with something we are planning to do each of the seven weeks of Lent, and examination of the seven virtues. This week we look at “fortitude.” I hope you are blessed by it!

Countdown to Lent

This weekend I went to the NBA All-Star Game with my son, Bobby, and daughter, Elliana. It was SO MUCH FUN! This was a “bucket list” thing to do, and since All-Star games seem to only come to Cleveland every 25 years I figure the next time it will be within driving distance will be when I’m 75! So I had a lot to say about basketball, and Fr. Dave was suspiciously quiet about baseball and the impending strike.

We spoke a bit about the situation in the Ukraine, but we really didn’t have much to say except how we are all so worried about it, and are keeping the people of that country in our prayers.

We ended with a challenge to prayerfully prepare for Lent! Our next 7 episodes we are going to offer reflection on the seven virtues and how they connect to the Lenten season. So enjoy this last week of Ordinary Time!

A Whole New World

Coming back from vacation lets you see the world in a whole new light. Or, at least, that what happened with Fr. Dave. He began by noticing that I had a goatee, but refused to believe that I’ve had it for weeks. I had to show him video proof that just a few weeks ago we were sitting, right across the table from each other, and he didn’t notice. It escalated from there.

Though Fr. Dave was dismissive of it, the actual World Champions of Football are Chelsea F.C, which is my favorite “soccer” team. Oh, and something happened with American Football this weekend. Hard to keep up with all those regional sporting activities (unless, of course, the Buccaneers are involved). As usual, we spend an inordinate amount of time talking about sports.

My favorite thing about this podcast was learning about a new saint (or at least “new” to me), St. Margaret of Corona, who was a Franciscan Third Order Regular (which is the order that Fr. Dave is a part of). Really inspiring!

Tommy Boy

It is a good thing we didn’t have a podcast last week, because the emotion would have been too much. Of course, I’m talking about Tampa Tom Brady leaving the Buccaneers. I like to think of him as “Tampa Tom,” a free loving guy who did YouTube videos by an inflatable pool and threw the Lombardi trophy off a boat. Way more fun than “New England Brady”, no offense to New England fans. That Fr. Dave was the first to notify me of Tampa Tom’s retirement was just insult to injury.

I’m sure we talked about other things, but to be honest this episode is an emotional blur.

Dos Amigos

I turned 50 yesterday! I’m sure I’ll blog about that more in the future. In this episode I got to share about his birthday/anniversary trip to Mexico that I went on last weekend. Fr. Dave brought up the issue of transgenderism in sports. And we closed by talking about a good friend who was just named a bishop. Enjoy!

BTW, we aren’t having an episode next week, but will be back Feb. 9th.

Nicoli Djokavich?

Words can’t express how happy I am that Fr. Dave is finally getting into The Mandalorian. But you’ll just have to hear more about that in the episode. I’m on an early anniversary trip with my wife and I’m trying not to “work” too much, so here is this week’s episode. Enjoy!