Our “Super-Essential” Bread

I had a great time with my family at Universal Studios in Florida last weekend!

One very special moment for me is when I took them to SAK Comedy Lab in Orlando, Florida, where I used to work in the early 90s. After watching the first show with my family, they asked if I wanted to take the stage one more time for the next show. Never thought I’d have the chance to do that again, and I felt very blessed!

But, man, I miss my hair! It is growing back. Slowly…

I guess while I was gone something happened with Archbishop Cordileone and Speaker Pelosi? So in this episode (after we cover sports, of course), Fr. Dave explains what happened and his take on it. And we do the next petition of the Our Father prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.” Did you know that the word “daily” is actually “super-essential”? Cool stuff.

Thy Will Be Done

I’m starting to believe there is a “They That Hope” curse when it comes to sports teams. All the teams that either Fr. Dave or I were rooting for, such as the Phoenix Suns, the Milwaukee Bucks, the Pittsburgh Penguins (me) and the Washington Capitals (Dave) all lost this weekend and are out of the playoffs! That only leaves the Tampa Bay Lightning, which I probably just cursed by mentioning.

It was graduation weekend at Franciscan and Fr. Dave and I share some wonderful stories about what happened. We conclude with examining “thy will be done.” Enjoy!

Thy Kingdom Come

Okay, I should first explain why I shaved my head 🙂

It comes with a prayer request. My 22 year old niece was diagnosed with cancer last month, and on Tuesday I shaved my head because she had to due to the effects of the chemotherapy she started. Would you say a brief prayer right now for her?

Admittedly, my new hair cut messed up my cosplay for opening night of the new Doctor Strange movie, but I still think I pulled it off okay…

My spoiler-free review of the movie starts the episode. We go on to discuss the leaked majority opinion in Dobbs and explain what it means to pray, “thy kingdom come.” Enjoy!

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Happy Star Wars Day! It must be spring because Fr. Dave and I break into song a lot this episode. Fr. Dave seems unaware that sports other than baseball are being played. Hello, NBA playoffs? Stanley Cup? We discuss an op-ed Fr. Dave wrote about transgendered athletes and close the episode by reflecting on the petition of “hallowed be thy name.”

Our Father Who Art in Heaven

You know, I knew that once we had given our “stamp of approval” for an NBA team it would be the kiss of death for them. With the Cavs out of the playoffs, last episode we decided to root for the Phoenix Suns. The next day, Devon Booker pulled his hamstring. Oh, well. Hopefully they can bounce back!

I was the one out of town this week, finishing up a Steubenville Parish Mission in Springfield, MO. Hello to everyone who was there! It was a great event to be a part of. Fr. Dave reminisced about the many parish missions he has done over the years.

He brought up what was happening in Disney World, which is a bit of a sore subject for me since Disney owns so many franchises I’m passionate about (Star Wars, Marvel) and I’ve also got seven kids who have grown up with the movies. We discuss the challenge of being “in the world, not of the world,” and how we should respond when corporations go in directions that oppose our consciences.

Finally, we start a new series of unpacking the “Our Father” prayer. Hope you are blessed by it!

Happy Easter 2022!

He is risen! He is risen indeed! Sorry the podcast was up a little late today. The extended Easter break and some tech issues made it a bit trickier than usual.

So thrilled to be in the octave of Easter and to talk about it with my good friend, Fr. Dave. We commiserate on how our sports teams are losing (so, the usual) and discuss how the Tridiuum went. This was my first Holy Week as a deacon, and it was very cool—and busy! We also take a few moments to reflect on the virtues we discussed over Lent, and announce a new theme for the coming weeks, the seven petitions of the Our Father.

God bless you!

Lent: Love

Fr. Dave and I are excited about Holy Week! We discuss basketball (go Cavs!), baseball (go Nats!), and the triduum (go Jesus!). We also answer the question, “What’s love got to do, got to do with it?” Prepare to be amazed at my Tina Turner impression. BUT I DO NOT SOUND LIKE A GIRL! Unless I want to.

Lent: Hope (and the rescue of Grogu)

Over the weekend, I broke into Castle Greyskull (aka the Holy Spirit Friary) and rescued Grogu who had been held captive there. In this episode you will hear Fr. Dave trying to make excuses, but notice how I break him down during interrogation. I would now like to provide photographic evidence. First, look where they put him:

How sad is that! He is in the corner on a high shelf. If the isolation wasn’t enough, the view of the paper cutter beneath is a kind of psychological torture. Then, notice his back:

The horror! The image speaks for itself. Finally, see the joy in a child’s face when he is returned to a loving family:

I rest my case.

I think we talk about other things in this podcast, like NCAA basketball, Dr. Jordan Peterson’s visit to campus, and how the virtue of hope is an important part of Holy Week. But those all pale in comparison.


Lent: Faith

Now, it is Fr. Dave’s turn to be in Arizona, and he and Dcn. Bob finally figure out Daylight Saving Time. Other topics include sports, the Oscars, Our Lady of Knock, and the virtue of faith. 

Lent: Temperance (Yoda Pants)

Fr. Dave is in Austria, I just got back from Arizona, and neither of us knew what time it was. We discussed basketball, the new Batman movie (spoilerish-free), how Mass is more than a communion service, and the virtue of temperance. We also had crazy technical difficulties, and by the time we got things working I forgot how long we had been recording… so you’ve got some “bonus” content 🙂 Enjoy!