These workshops ideally last 60-75 minutes to allow for some time for Q&A.

Total Spiritual Workout

Imagine someone who goes to work out at a gym, but only does arm lifts and nothing else. That might build the biceps, but the rest of the body would suffer. Many people pray in this way: they do the same thing over and over (with little result), but miss out on engaging the “whole body”. The Church has a lot to say about different forms of prayer, and it is important that we use all of them if we want a totalspiritual workout. Using physical workouts as an analogy, this workshop examines different ways to pray: stretching (blessing and adoration), fat-burning (seeking mercy), cardio (thanksgiving), muscle-building (praying for others), and don’t forget to breathe (praise)!

Catholics Love Dinosaurs

Society often seems to pit faith and science against each other. Scientific discoveries seem to imply that the first few pages of the Bible must be wrong, and many famous scientists use that data to encourage people towards atheism. However, over the two thousand year history of the Church, Catholicism has often been at the forefront of scientific discovery (a Catholic priest discovered the “big bang”) and being a faithful Catholic does not mean you need to leave your “mind at the door”. This workshop examines what we know of the beginning of the universe, the creation of man and woman, evolution, Biblical fundamentalism (and why Catholicism doesn’t think that way), why science needs faith, why faith needs science, and (time permitting) what actually happened with Galileo.

How to Avoid a Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Discernment

How can we hear the voice of God over the noise of our lives? How do we know if God is speaking, or is it just our imagination? Many people (especially young adults) feel “stuck” in their lives, not sure if they are where God wants them to be or what their vocation really is. This workshop goes over basic principles of discernment as well as practical advice from saints and spiritual writers so that we can hear and respond to God’s voice in our daily lives.