Men’s Conferences

I love speaking with brothers about how we can live our call to be men of God. The ideal length for these talks is 30-40 minutes.

A Man After God’s Own Heart

In Scripture, God described David as, “a man after my own heart” (Acts 13:22). What made him so special? Was it because he was a warrior? A poet? A sinner? A king? By examining the life of David, we can see what it takes to please God: unbreakable faith, unfailing hope, and genuine love.

Size Doesn’t Matter

In our culture, we often define a person’s masculinity by how tall he is, how much weight he can lift, and how deep is his voice. Whether it be John Wayne, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  or Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, every generation idolizes this image of man. Some churches even have a “buff” Jesus hanging over the altar. However, the heroes of faith in Scripture and Church history come in all shapes and sizes. It is through Jesus, and the saints who have followed him, that we learn what masculinity really is.

Son, Brother, and Father

A man is not defined purely by his anatomy but also in the context of the relationships he has with others. We come into this world as someone’s son, and live out “sonship” not just with our biological father but also those who become “father figures” to us. We seek fraternity within family and friendships. We grow to become fathers, either in the physical, emotional, or spiritual sense. Our growth in these areas lead us to be better men; our deficiencies can cause us to be less than who we were meant to be.