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Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 2.21.24 PMI’m very honored to be part of a writing team that created The Joy of Adolescent Catechesis, which was a joint effort from the National Catholic Education Association, the National Conference of Catechetical Leadership, and the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry, with support from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The goal was to give those who teach in Catholic schools, parish catechists, and youth ministers the same language and vision so we can work together to pass the faith on to young people. If you have anything to do with teaching adolescents about the Catholic faith, this is a must have! It is available in Joy of Adolescent Catechesis PDF or Joy of Adolescent Catechesis Hardbound.

catechetical review

For many years I’ve been privileged to write articles on youth and young adult ministry for The Catechetical Review. You can see a list of my many articles by CLICKING HERE. You’ll get to see samples of what I’ve written, and subscribe to get the rest. The Catechetical Review is one of the only catechetical journals in the United States and it is filled with amazing articles on how to pass the faith on to a variety of ages and contexts. Many of the articles are also translated into Spanish.