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Why No Meat?

This is more than an obligation. It is an opportunity to drive out demons and grow in holiness!

The Prodigal Son, with a Twist

I’m always grateful to be a part of the #sharejesus video series, produced by Redeemed Online. I’m also really glad that after I did the video they took a nice picture of me (which you can see on this site), since I’ve yet to… Continue Reading “The Prodigal Son, with a Twist”

God is Real

I talk I gave at a Steubenville Youth Conference about the proofs for the existence of God.

Small (Flower in Your Garden)

A song based on the spirituality of St. Thérèse of Liseux.

I Am Expensive

The audio of this talk is available on my “Mercifulove: The Best of Bob Rice 2006-2015” album.

Bob Rice vs. Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Dance off! Bob challenges Fr. Leo to a dance competition and the artistry unfolds.

Handmotions in Heaven

I wrote and performed this song with Chris Padgett for a youth ministers conference in Las Vegas in 2006. Little did I know the monster that we created! I’ve come to peace that, though I might record many CDs and publish many books, this… Continue Reading “Handmotions in Heaven”