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The Seven Sacraments

This typographic film provides a brief overview of the seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church and the purpose each serves

I Believe in the Forgiveness of Sins

An honest witness about how we all struggle with sin, and yet God is bigger than our sinfulness.

Zombis versus Jesús

Small (Flower in Your Garden)

A song based on the spirituality of St. Thérèse of Liseux.

I Am Expensive

The audio of this talk is available on my “Mercifulove: The Best of Bob Rice 2006-2015” album.

You’re Dead. Now What?

Heaven. Hell. Purgatory. Particular Judgment. Final Judgment. What happens when we die? This film briefly covers the teaching of the Church on “The Last Things.”

Where’s the Body?

Sempronis and Alexander, the Roman soldiers assigned to guard Jesus’ tomb, have a problem. The body is gone. What do they tell Pilate? This film critiques arguments posed by those who deny the resurrection (Christ’s body was stolen, He didn’t really die, etc.)

¿Dónde está el cuerpo?

That One Day

Jesus Christ’s one day on the cross made our eternity in heaven possible. A reflection on “He suffered, died, and was buried. On the third day He rose again.”

The Eucharist and You

Jimmy is an all American Kid! He’s got great friends and a loving family and also performs well in school and sports. He also goes to church and receives great strength from a very important source of life.