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El Credo

Cuando recitas el Credo, ¿lo haces verdaderamente? ¿Sabes lo que estás diciendo? ¿Hay una diferencia entre creer que hay un Dios y creer en Dios?


Many see the 10 Commandments as something that restricts us, but in truth God’s law is what gives us freedom.

I Am Expensive

A message given by Bob at a Steubenville Youth Conference

Call Waiting

Mark loves God and is thinking about the priesthood, but he also likes girls and might want to have a family. A video about vocational discernment.

God is Real

I talk I gave at a Steubenville Youth Conference about the proofs for the existence of God.

Joy Story

A script that Bob wrote that explains Catholic teaching on Mary.

Get Up and Walk

In this contemporary re-enactment of Mark 2:1-12, we see the need for us to bring each other to
Christ for forgiveness and healing.

How Do I Go to Confession?

Whether this is a refresher or an introduction, this film creatively walks through the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a way that will stick with you


A story-telling grandpa with an overactive imagination tries to explain the Sacraments of Initiation to his kids

On the Road to Emmaus

A special visitor joins Will at Mass on Sunday, and suddenly the Mass will never be the same. This video connects how the story of the “Road to Emmaus” from the Gospel of Luke is the foundation for our liturgies today.