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Texting Like a Baby

Man, Fr. Dave is such a baby when his stuff gets edited out of the podcast! Last week I brought up gambling addictions and how serious they were. Fr. Dave then told a story of playing a dollar at a slot machine and getting… Continue Reading “Texting Like a Baby”

Philippians 2:1-11

Ah, another late night podcast. You can tell by my hair it had been a long day. If Fr. Dave had hair, you would have seen it in him, too. He had just flown to Michigan and I had driven (through a storm) from… Continue Reading “Philippians 2:1-11”

Lent: Fortitude

As you will see, I confronted Fr. Dave about some rumors I heard about this mistreatment of the stuffed Grogu in the Friary. Sadly, these rumors seem to be true! Then our conversation turned to a far more serious matter, the crisis in the… Continue Reading “Lent: Fortitude”

Why No Meat?

This is more than an obligation. It is an opportunity to drive out demons and grow in holiness!

The Prodigal Son, with a Twist

I’m always grateful to be a part of the #sharejesus video series, produced by Redeemed Online. I’m also really glad that after I did the video they took a nice picture of me (which you can see on this site), since I’ve yet to… Continue Reading “The Prodigal Son, with a Twist”

When the Internet isn’t Enough

PHOTO: Me and Clayton Farris, who plays “Sonny”, on the “Ask J” set.  There was a time when adolescence was considered to be a moment of asking the Great Questions in life: Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why is there suffering… Continue Reading “When the Internet isn’t Enough”

A Parable about a Man and a Moose

A few years ago I was invited to be a part of an “Evangelization and Outreach” task-force that Franciscan put together. Barbara Nicholosi, a scriptwriter from LA (among other many talents), was brought in to discuss how we might create different kinds of media to evangelize… Continue Reading “A Parable about a Man and a Moose”

You can’t unsee this.

In 2010 I was part of a video project called “CateQUIZ’em!” where we created a number of short films about chastity. This is one of them. To be honest, I had forgotten it existed! But that is the power of recorded stuff. It always… Continue Reading “You can’t unsee this.”

The Prodigal Son—With a Twist

A Lenten reflection on the Prodigal Son.

No other gods

A handful of teens are in a chapel. They are praying, worshipping, adoring. See what’s moving them in such a powerful way.