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Zombies Vs. Jesus, commentary

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I don’t like zombie movies.  That’s not to say I’m biased against the undead. I just don’t like horror movies in general. Or tear-jerkers. The way I see it, terror and sadness are two emotions I try to avoid… Continue Reading “Zombies Vs. Jesus, commentary”

On the Feast of St. Peter and Paul

Today is the feast day of St. Peter and Paul and, with no offense to St. Paul, I’m a big fan of the original “Rock.” At the Mass today we read when St. Peter was the first to proclaim Jesus as Messiah, and in… Continue Reading “On the Feast of St. Peter and Paul”

15 Years Ago Today…

15 years ago today, I got married to my best friend. I can confidently say it was the second best decision of my life. The first one, obviously, was to follow Jesus. And so today Jennie and I are doing what every couple should… Continue Reading “15 Years Ago Today…”

You Came to Me (Live Worship)