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Held Aloft by a Thousand Hands

These past few weeks… it is hard to describe the emotions I’ve felt. If someone asked me how I feel, I’d probably say, everything. I’ve felt joy and pain, anger and peace, questions and comfort. My dad was a wonderful man, one of my… Continue Reading “Held Aloft by a Thousand Hands”

A Doctor in the House

I’m flying high from a successful defense of my dissertation yesterday. Literally, I’m flying on a plane home from England as I’m writing this. And by the way, that is the proper use of the word “literally” because 1) it is not a metaphor… Continue Reading “A Doctor in the House”

Sioux City, SD

Men’s Conference

Newport, MD

Confirmation Day Retreat

Seeing how this works

Rocking with the band last summer.

The Gospel Accordion to Bob Rice

Not Because of Luck, but Because of Love

In an earlier post that I wrote this summer, I commented on the beauty of creation and the “mathematical impossibility” that we are here by chance. Those musings turned into a script I wrote for Outside Da Box and is now a really cool… Continue Reading “Not Because of Luck, but Because of Love”

Everybody’s Got a Song to Sing

The Pursuit

Here’s a vid I wrote based on Francis Thompson’s poem, the Hound of Heaven. What do you think?

The Pursuit

I fled him, down the nights and down the days. I fled him, down the arches of the years. I fled him, down the labyrinthine ways of my own mind and in the midst of tears. I hid from him…

Based on “The Hound of… Continue Reading “The Pursuit”