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SUPERCUT: The Our Father

Fr. Dave is filming a new series this week about God the Father! So it seemed fitting that we’d piece together the segments we had recorded for the Our Father prayer into one episode here. Next week, we will start diving in to the… Continue Reading “SUPERCUT: The Our Father”

Lent: Faith

Now, it is Fr. Dave’s turn to be in Arizona, and he and Dcn. Bob finally figure out Daylight Saving Time. Other topics include sports, the Oscars, Our Lady of Knock, and the virtue of faith. 

Death Is Not the End

I’m feeling better today, and have to laugh at how I looked when I recorded this on Monday! I’m sure I just rolled out of bed. After dodging the first two variants of COVID, it would seem Omicron finally caught up to me. Thankfully,… Continue Reading “Death Is Not the End”

Spiritual Attack

I’m ten days away from being ordained a deacon, and it feels like everything is hitting the proverbial fan. So when Fr. Dave asked me what we should talk about on the podcast, I immediately answered, “Spiritual attack.” I’m not one to see the… Continue Reading “Spiritual Attack”

At the Movies

I love movies. I love going to the movies. And I really like seeing movies during a opening weekend in a filled movie theater. Fr. Dave knows this. So why was he mad that I saw No Time To Die without him? For the… Continue Reading “At the Movies”

The Diaconate of St. Francis

A number of years ago I came across a picture of St. Francis of Assisi wearing a deacon’s stole. The caption explained that St. Francis was not a priest (which I knew) but was actually a deacon. I thought that was really cool! So… Continue Reading “The Diaconate of St. Francis”

Same Show, Different Day

When I recorded this on Monday, my wife and my son were both in quarantine because they had COVID, and the fear of infection for the rest of my family as well as the challenge of trying to do my job and run the… Continue Reading “Same Show, Different Day”

9/11, Conversion, and Prayer

This past Father’s Day, I got a few copies of Deacon Kandra’s book, A Deacon Prays. Though not yet a deacon, I was blessed by many of its beautiful reflections, especially the “deacon’s rosary” of the Luminous Mysteries. So without knowing anything else about… Continue Reading “9/11, Conversion, and Prayer”

Preaching for Conversion

I’ve always been impressed by how Fr. Dave preaches. To this day, I can remember specific things he said in his homilies, even from over a decade ago. And as I think about how I will get the chance to preach homilies (in just… Continue Reading “Preaching for Conversion”

Authentically Licensed Prop Replica

Doctor Strange has always been one of my favorite superheroes. Maybe it is was because I loved the magic elements of Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. When I played Dungeons and Dragons as a kid my character was usually a wizard… Continue Reading “Authentically Licensed Prop Replica”