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Plethora of Saints

It was funny to see Fr. Dave try to have a conversation with so little sleep. He had flight issues over the weekend and was probably only awake about 30 minutes when he came through the door of the Podcast Studio. He got to… Continue Reading “Plethora of Saints”

Happy Anniversary!

Wow. Hard to believe it was only a year ago that Fr. Dave and I started recording They That Hope. The thing that Fr. Dave and I are really amazed is that, with the exception of a two week vacation, we were able to… Continue Reading “Happy Anniversary!”


For the first time ever on They That Hope, we had a guest on the podcast: Rosie, my new puppy. She is awfully cute and extremely chill for a puppy. For those who care, she is a soft coated Wheaton terrier. I talk a… Continue Reading “Bone-O”

Franciscan Multiversity

I was in Florida when I recorded this on Monday. My mom finally decided to sell her house, and with this market it went quick! Unfortunately, the highest bid also wanted her out the door quickly, so it was more of a last minute… Continue Reading “Franciscan Multiversity”

Back to School!

I always enjoy this time of year, when my kids go back to school and classes start at Franciscan. Probably because I work at a college, but the end of August feels more like “New Year’s Day” than January 1st does. We had an… Continue Reading “Back to School!”

Season Two

I really missed doing this podcast for the past two weeks, and it was great to be back with Fr. Dave! A good amount of our conversation was catching up with each other. Dave went to the beach, but I was on retreat! The… Continue Reading “Season Two”

The Importance of the Spiritual Life

Deacon James Keating is one of my favorite authors and his book The Heart of the Diaconate has had a profound impact my formation and the way I have approached being a deacon. He was one of the first people I wanted to interview… Continue Reading “The Importance of the Spiritual Life”

Die Hard

I’m not exactly sure how “Die Hard” became a recurring theme of this podcast, but there are just some things we will never know this side of heaven. I’m sure it probably had to do with us recording this podcast in the evening (we… Continue Reading “Die Hard”

Three Brothers, Three Deacons!

For this episode of Speaking with Deacons, I got to have a conversation with three brothers who are all ordained deacons! It was great to hear their stories of how they heard and answered the call to the diaconate. Since growing up I only… Continue Reading “Three Brothers, Three Deacons!”

Steubenville Middle East

I was tremendously blessed to host the Steubenville St. Louis Mid-America 2 Youth Conference last weekend, even to the point of tears! A shout out to all the team, staff, volunteers, and (most importantly) youth ministers who made it such a wonderful event. Fr.… Continue Reading “Steubenville Middle East”