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Philippians 2:1-11

Ah, another late night podcast. You can tell by my hair it had been a long day. If Fr. Dave had hair, you would have seen it in him, too. He had just flown to Michigan and I had driven (through a storm) from… Continue Reading “Philippians 2:1-11”

Father President

We did a late Monday night recording—always a dangerous thing! I’ve been a bit out of it for the past week as we finished up summer conferences, but Fr. Dave filled me in on the exciting (yawn) contract negotiations with Juan Soto of the… Continue Reading “Father President”

A Pilgrimage of Penance

It was good to be back in person with Fr. Dave this week! Two more conferences this weekend (Applied Biblical Studies and Defending the Faith) and that will be a wrap on the Summer Conference season at Franciscan. Pope Francis was just beginning his… Continue Reading “A Pilgrimage of Penance”


Fr. Dave and Dcn. Bob share about their travels over the past weeks and discuss the theme of this summer’s Steubenville Youth Conferences, “Fearless.” Yes, it is a lame but short description 🙂 Hey, at least we recorded an episode this week! Shout out… Continue Reading “Fearless”

SUPERCUT: The Virtues

Hope you had a great Fourth of July Weekend! I’m on vacation in New Hampshire and Fr. Dave is still in India. Since our schedules wouldn’t line up to be able to record the podcast this week, we decided we might try something different… Continue Reading “SUPERCUT: The Virtues”

Roe v. Wade Overturned!

Honestly, we weren’t even going to do an episode this week, but when the news broke on Friday that Roe v. Wade was overturned, we found time on Sunday to do it. In this episode, we try to unpack what that will mean for… Continue Reading “Roe v. Wade Overturned!”

Deliver Us From Evil

Fr. Dave was somewhere in Maryland and I was somewhere in Virginia when we recorded this podcast, so the audio quality isn’t the best, and the video is me with a picture of Fr. Dave. But I think it came out pretty good all… Continue Reading “Deliver Us From Evil”

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

I’m in the middle of the Priests, Deacons, Seminarians retreat here on campus, so you’ll just get the episode description: Dcn. Bob can’t stop talking about the moped he just got! He and Fr. Dave also talk about sports, last weekend’s Steubenville Youth Conference,… Continue Reading “Lead Us Not Into Temptation”

As We Forgive (Live with Heather Khym)

I am really excited to share this podcast with you! A few months ago, Fr. Dave and I discussed whether or not we would record the podcast live at the Power and Purpose conference, like we did last year. When we realized that Heather… Continue Reading “As We Forgive (Live with Heather Khym)”

Top Gun: Maverick

I was in Hershey, PA this weekend at my son’s soccer tournament when Fr. Dave called me. “I’ve got a great idea,” he said… and I knew I was in trouble. “What if we recorded half the podcast, then go to see the new… Continue Reading “Top Gun: Maverick”