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Custody Battle

I am so bummed the video didn’t work this week. By “didn’t work” I think it means I forgot to hit record on my phone. So you can only imagine the look on our faces when we opened up a package and there was… Continue Reading “Custody Battle”


It’s hard to describe how I felt about getting ordained a little over a week ago, but in this podcast I give it a try. I’m so grateful for all of you who have supported me on the journey. As I mention in the… Continue Reading “Ordained!”


I got ordained a deacon this past weekend! It was… amazing. Hard to describe. Still processing it all. I’m sure I’ll have more to say when it all sinks in, and Fr. Dave and I talk a bit about my ordination in this episode.… Continue Reading “Underdog”

Relative Envy

Is it my fault that I am related to amazing people? No, it is not. For the record, my Uncle Bob was Top Gun. And my Aunt, who became a Carmelite Hermit, was asked to audition for the Bionic Woman. My dog has yet… Continue Reading “Relative Envy”

A Life of Service

Those of you who regularly listen to Speaking with Deacons (and God bless you for doing so) might have noticed that my bi-weekly podcast became a monthly podcast last week. It was a crazy month with too many things going on, not the least… Continue Reading “A Life of Service”

Misadventures in Switzerland (and Bob, Solo)

It was only while recording the podcast that I learned what happened to Fr. Dave last week. As you will hear, they wouldn’t let him fly through Switzerland because he wasn’t vaccinated, even though he had a test that showed he had antibodies (which… Continue Reading “Misadventures in Switzerland (and Bob, Solo)”


I must admit I started this podcast in a bit of a down mood because of, well… this: This was a custom Taylor I found many years ago at a guitar shop in New Hampshire. I used to own a few different guitars. When… Continue Reading “Filet-O-Fish”

A Deacon’s Advice

St. Paul wrote to Timothy, “And what heard from me through many witnesses entrust to faithful people who will have the ability to teach others as well” (2 Tim 2:2). That was the Scripture ringing in my ear when I got to interview Deacon… Continue Reading “A Deacon’s Advice”

Sleep Deprivation

Well, now I know how Fr. Dave felt. I had a great visit with my son Kolbe in Kansas last weekend, but I didn’t get home until around 1 AM on Monday morning. We normally record the podcast at 8. So I asked Fr.… Continue Reading “Sleep Deprivation”

Plethora of Saints

It was funny to see Fr. Dave try to have a conversation with so little sleep. He had flight issues over the weekend and was probably only awake about 30 minutes when he came through the door of the Podcast Studio. He got to… Continue Reading “Plethora of Saints”