Texting Like a Baby

Man, Fr. Dave is such a baby when his stuff gets edited out of the podcast! Last week I brought up gambling addictions and how serious they were. Fr. Dave then told a story of playing a dollar at a slot machine and getting $1500. So he joked, “the real message here is that you just need to keep trying!”

Yeah, that got cut. And I’m glad it did 🙂 It was funny in the moment, but in the big picture it took away from the seriousness of the message. I’m grateful for Patrick who listens to the podcast and occasionally goes, “Hey guys, maybe you don’t want to say…”

In case you are wondering, there are very few things we’ve edited out of our podcasts. I’d say maybe something every other month, and it is usually small. To state the obvious, we don’t put a lot of planning into each episode, other than a general outline right before hand of things we would like to talk about. That is because the main goal of the podcast is to invite the listener/viewer/you into our friendship, the kind of things we’d say if we were all hanging out together.

I’m always so excited when someone comes up and says they listen to this podcast! At graduation this weekend, I got to meet many people who shared that with me, and it is always great to see the faces of people who listen (instead of a microphone in the studio). I’m so glad so many of you enjoy and are blessed by this podcast—we absolutely love doing it.

One Comment on “Texting Like a Baby

  1. I am not a gambler except at church bingo, so I was glad to read about this edit. when I lose money for the church, I look at it as a donation or a payment to play a game. if I win, then it must be “God’s will”

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