Nightmare on Franciscan Street

For the record, we are good friends with Sr. Miriam, Heather Khym, and Michelle Benzinger—the wonderful women who do the “Abiding Together” podcast. When I first titled the episode (yes, that is my job) I thought I’d photoshop my face over a picture of Jesus, because one of the friars told Fr. Dave that he had a dream that Jesus appeared to him, but then he realized it was me instead. Though I don’t have much of a filter, even I recognized that maybe that wouldn’t be the best look for the podcast.

So then I thought, “What if I put my face over Freddy Krueger?” Again, not the best look.

But what I ended up doing for the thumbnail was easily far more horrific than the previous ideas, but I did it anyway. I’m sorry you won’t be able to unsee it. Though I think Fr. Dave actually looks pretty good with Heather’s hair. My apologies to Michelle.

Lots of other stuff goes on in the podcast. You should listen. I’m really tired because it is 6 AM and I realized I had forgotten to make this post! But in really good news… CAVS won last night! So my prophecy was correct (though it didn’t go to overtime, they crushed them by twenty points).

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