Achtave, Baby

One of U2’s most popular albums was called “Achtung, Baby,” and that was the reference I was going for in the podcast when I said, “Octave, Baby.” To even make the obscure reference more obnoxious, I titled the episode after it. As you’ve probably figured out, I’m never quite sure what to call each episode. But I figure that people don’t listen to this podcast based on its snappy titles, right?

Baseball has begun, and even did some research to pretend like I care. Why do I feel like I am doing all of the work in this relationship? He didn’t even take me to a game when I said I’d go.

But the bulk of this podcast was a reflection on our experiences of Holy Week (at my parish and at Franciscan), and a cool conversation about the spirituality of Easter. I was actually quite interested in what Fr. Dave had to say about that. I agree when he mentioned that Catholics do Lent really well, but don’t know what to do in Easter. I pray this episode helps you have a happy and holy Easter season!

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