It Was Rocky IV

Yes, I did see Creed III this weekend. And I hadn’t even seen Creed I or II. Or Rocky I-VI. Still loved it!

Apparently, all the Catholic schools are out of the Final Four, and it has been a crazy March for upsets. None of the 1 or 2 ranked teams in their divisions got in? Crazy. Because I don’t know any better, Fr. Dave has assigned me to rooting for Florida Atlantic and Miami. I have no idea how that will go, though I hear that UConn has been easily winning every game so far, so they might go all the way. To be honest, I’m way more excited that the Cavaliers have clinched a playoff spot in the NBA!

This Sunday is Palm Sunday (is it me, or did Lent go by fast this year?), and we discuss the Palm Sunday liturgy and the beginning of Holy Week.

Hope you enjoy it!

One Comment on “It Was Rocky IV

  1. Deacon Bob, just checking to see if you were in the Cayman Islands over Easter……someone was at the Good Friday Service who was the splitting image of you! I always see you at Stubie summer conferences.

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