All-Star Wars

This is probably the most serious disagreement Fr. Dave and I have ever had on the show. I love the NBA All-Star Game. He hates it. He thinks the only worthwhile all-star game is… wait for it… baseball. Eventually we had to agree to disagree.

Our conversation about the new Ant-Man movie was similar but not as heated. I liked it; he didn’t. Are you noticing a pattern here? 🙂

However, we do agree on what counts: Jesus as Lord! I get to share some of my experiences at the Steubenville Parish Mission at Holy Family Parish in Orange, CA (hello to all who were there!), and we both discuss what it means for God to be faithful, even in the midst of tragedy.

We conclude by reflecting on the readings for this upcoming coming Sunday, the first Sunday of Lent.

I pray you all have a beautiful Ash Wednesday and the Lord will draw you closer to His heart over the next 40 days.

PS. We close with a song I wrote, “Heart of Jesus,” sung by Anna Brewer. Just one more week to fundraise for our album! We are a thousand dollars short, and if we don’t make the full amount we lose it all. So, if you’ve been waiting for the last minute to support us… it is just about that time! 🙂 Go to

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