The Hours: Listening

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Again, another wonderful song written by Mary! Here is her explanation of it:

There’s something about songs that are 100% grounded in Scripture. That’s part of the reason why it’s so exciting to release an album based on the Liturgy of the Hours, which is one of the ways that the Church prays the scriptures throughout the day.  

Last summer, I was invited to lead worship during the holy hours for the School for Spiritual Direction’s summer intensive here in Steubenville (learn more about the School for Spiritual Direction here: It was a beautiful opportunity to pray with people whose sole reason for being there was to learn how to listen better to the Lord.  

One evening, during the holy hour, I was silently praying with the scripture from 1 Samuel 3:9, “If He calls you, you shall say, ‘Speak, Lord, for thy servant hears.’” I started to play a melody that prayed those words, and then I sang:   Speak, my Lord, your servant is listening. Speak, my Lord, your servant [waits]. You have the words of everlasting life. Speak, my Lord, I am listening.  

Something amazing happened, because after I sang the first line, everyone else started singing with me, even though the song was new. I honestly hope that I never get over the wide-eyed wonder that I feel at the gift of praying together through music as a community.  

Since then, I’ve loved praying with this song and letting the Scripture teach my heart how to be quiet so that I can listen to Him better.  

I hope that it blesses you too and helps you to hear His voice in a new way!  


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