Super Bowl LVII

Great game! I didn’t really have a favorite, so I’m just glad it was fun to watch. Congrats to all the Chiefs fan, and my condolences to the Eagles. Don’t worry, you will fly, fly again.

Someone noticed that our previous podcast didn’t have much of a discussion about sports. Don’t worry, we more than make up for it in this episode! Changes to the NBA, flag football, the Super Bowl… Fr. Dave is even excited that pitchers and catchers had to show up to work this week.

I didn’t realize that this Super Bowl was the first time there were two Black quarterbacks facing each other in the big game, and that lead us to a discussion about race and the beauty of diversity, especially in the Catholic Church. In closing, Fr. Dave shared his experience on campus this weekend, and how truly wonderful our students are!

The song at the end is, “Like A Child At Rest.” I’ll have more of a write up on that tomorrow, so check back!

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