The Hours: Beloved King

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Since Mary wrote this song, I’ll let her give the explanation…

Have you ever read something that cut straight to your heart? Something that just seemed to speak directly to you and to open up a new way of seeing?  

That’s what happened the first time I read the writings of St. Therese of Lisieux. A friend gifted me a book of little quotes from Therese’s letters for my 18th birthday. The more I read about her “little way,” the more my heart burned with a new understanding and hope that God could make me holy too.  

In her writings, the Lord was always St. Therese’s “Beloved King.” She was an ‘all-or-nothing’ kind of woman who was not capable of loving with anything less than her whole self. And the thing is, her Beloved King took her home to heaven when she was only 24. For me, the greatest witness of her life was this:

You don’t have to be great in the eyes of the world for the Lord to make you holy. You don’t have to be spectacular for the Lord do great things through you. There is no age limit on loving the Lord with your whole heart.  

If the little way of a young, cloistered Carmelite nun can make a difference in my life 118 years after her death, then nothing is impossible for God for the heart that says “yes” to Him.  

I never want to forget that witness, so I imagined what it might sound like if St. Therese were to write a song. From that place, Beloved King was born.  

I pray that it blesses you and helps you to encounter your Beloved King in a new way!  

– Mary

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