What Does God Want? (Consistent)

Another tool for discernment is what Fr. Mike called “the consistency test.” Is the manner in which you think God is calling you similar to the ways he has spoken to you before? There is often a pattern to the way God communicates with us, and understanding that pattern can help us more quickly identify the voice of God.

That concept really opened my eyes. Sometimes we expect God to speak to us in a shocking new way, something out of the blue that grabs our attention. However, most of the time he speaks to us in a similar manner. In this episode, Mike and I discuss different ways the Lord has spoken to us, and also draw some examples from his book.

Yes, a Tuesday post instead of a Monday one! It is because yesterday I posted video from the album I’m trying to raise funds for, The Hours. That fundraiser lasts all month, so the next episode of Speaking with Deacons will post Tuesday, February 28th. I pray you are being blessed by these episodes!

What Does God Want? (Discernment) Speaking with Deacons

In this final episode of "What Does God Want?", Dcn. Bob and Dcn. Mike discuss two more "c" words, "Confusion" and "Courage," and wrap up the series by offering practical advice on how to apply these principles in prayerful discernment.
  1. What Does God Want? (Discernment)
  2. What Does God Want? (Confirmation and Conviction)
  3. What Does God Want? (Consistent)
  4. What Does God Want? (Conversion)
  5. What Does God Want? (Conformity)

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