Happy 2023! It is great to be back.

Yes, sadly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost on Monday to the Dallas Cowboys. I had a few friars over (including Fr. Dave) to watch the… game? It felt more like a beat-down. But hey, at least they made the playoffs! I didn’t think they were going to get too far anyway, not with the horrible season they had. Still, I’m sad to face Sundays without the Bucs. At least I’ve got the Cavs!

In this episode, Fr. Dave and I share what we have been doing over the past few weeks. Me? I went to Disney World with my daughter, Ellie. It was AWESOME. I got to ride the “Guardians of the Galaxy” rollercoaster for the first time, and it was very cool. And, of course, Galaxy’s Edge (or “Star Wars Land” as it is sometimes called). Man, that “Rise of the Resistance” ride is one of the coolest things in the park.

Fr. Dave went to the Holy Land. The rides aren’t as cool, of course. But it sounds like he had an amazing time and we both share about our experiences there.

At the end of the episode is a song I wrote preformed by myself and the Brewer Sisters (Anna and Mary) called, “Canticle of Judith.” It is part of a new album we are recording, and we will be trying to raise money for it on Kickstarter in the month of February. Knowing that many folks listen to the podcast a few weeks behind, I thought it would be worth promoting now. I am really excited about this project. Hope you enjoy the song. Anna Brewer sings the lead part. I’m on classical guitar and Mary is on piano (with both of us on background vocals).

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