SUPERCUT: Why Did the Word Become Flesh

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I’m excited to share this “supercut” with you the conversations Fr. Dave and I had about “Why Did the Word Become Flesh?” over the past four episodes.

I feel like, of all the supercuts we have done so far, this is my favorite. If you are an active listener of the podcast, you’ve heard it all over the past month, but there is also something cool about hearing it all at once. I hope you might use it to help you have a greater appreciation of the Incarnation during the Christmas season.

And, I really encourage you to share this with a friend! Especially those who might not like the sports/culture part of our podcast and prefer the more spiritual content.

Hard to believe it is almost 2023. I pray you all have a Happy New Year, and Fr. Dave and I will be back with new content on January 18th. We are also open to new “theme” ideas, so if you have one, please email me at

God bless.

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