Why Did the Word Become Flesh? (Part 4)

Perhaps my favorite moment in this episode was the look of horror on Fr. Dave’s face when I told him that I have seen more Weird Al concerts than any other artist.

When we were prepping for this episode (the three minutes before we hit “record”), I told Fr. Dave I wanted to talk about the new Avatar movie in the second section. He said, “okay, what else?” And I said, “Oh, I’m going to need some time for this…” Fr. Dave clearly isn’t a fan of the movie because it portrays humans as the bad guys. I just like seeing angry fish kill people. To each his own.

If you can tolerate all of that nonsense, you’ll be blessed to hear our discussion of the fourth reason for the Incarnation, “to partake in the divine nature.” I think it is the most mind-blowing reason of all!

As we mention at the end of the episode, we are taking a few weeks of for the Christmas break (Fr. Dave is going to the Holy Land) and the start of a new academic year. Next week I will have the “Supercut” of the “Why Did the Word Become Flesh?” episodes, and we will be back with a new episode on January 18th, 2023.

Dang, 2023.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

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