Why Did the Word Become Flesh? (Part 3)

Ah, a morning episode. It was nice to get together with Fr. Dave in the George on campus, and not after a long day! We ended up talking about weddings (I’d say we wen’t “off script” but that would assume we had one). He mentioned people don’t throw rice at weddings anymore, I said it changed to bird seed, but he said that nobody throws anything. Then we asked you, the viewer, to tell us if in fact people throw birdseed after weddings, like I thought they did.

After the episode, I think I may have been wrong, but I don’t want Fr. Dave to know that. It doesn’t matter what actually happens, what really matters is that people email us saying they have experienced bird seed being thrown at the end of weddings. You can send that email to us at hope@franciscan.edu. All you have to write is “birdseed.” I’ll mention you on the next show.

I share about a family friend, Fr. David Wechter, who passed away last week at 93. I attended his funeral in Winona, MN last weekend. Since our previous podcast, when we mentioned two friars had passed away, two more friars had passed. It feels far above average, and we talk about how to find hope in death while still being upset about it.

Finally, we get to the third reason for the Incarnation, so we could have a “model of holiness.” I’ve really been enjoying these conversations, and I hope you have to!

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