Why Did the Word Become Flesh? (Part 2)

Here is a first: recording a podcast during a Tampa Bay Buccaneers game!

Well, we weren’t at a Bucs game. It was on TV. I was doing a Steubenville Parish Mission in Brewster, NY while Fr. Dave was sitting comfortably in the Holy Spirit Friary in Steubenville, Ohio. Though we finished the podcast before the game was over, I did add a closing 30 seconds after we said goodbye. Like an end-credit scene in a Marvel movie, it might be the best thing about this episode!

I was really excited to hear Fr. Dave share about some of the ministries our students have created doing ministry with those who have same-sex attraction and struggle with gender identity. It is one of the most difficult and important things the Church needs to address today, and I’m proud of these kinds of initiatives done by our current students and alumni.

Finally, we end the show looking at the second reason for the Incarnation: that we would know God’s love. I pray you are having a blessed Advent.

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