Why Did the Word Become Flesh? (Part 1)

Yes, this was a late night podcast, but no… we weren’t drinking. Though I can’t explain why Fr. Dave introduced himself as “Fr. Bob.”

We had a lot of fun with this episode. We realized that we hadn’t talked about movies in a while, so… we tried. It is really hard to talk about recent movies with someone who hasn’t seen any movies recently. But like most things in this podcast, we dove right in and hopefully it will make you laugh. Or cry.

I’m really excited about our Advent theme over the next four weeks. We are examining the four reasons the Catechism gives for “Why did the Word become flesh?” I remember the first time I read the Catechism and this section really jumped out at me. The first reason that we discuss is, “so that we would be reconciled to God.”

I pray you are having a blessed Advent, and that our conversations help prepare you to dive more deeply into this sacred season.

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