Philippians 4:10-23

We didn’t record this late at night, but it certainly seems like we did. Clearly Fr. Dave was still in the time zone in Austria when we did this podcast (he just got back yesterday).

As usual, we talk about sports. For the record, I really did not know that Bryce Harper was once on the Washington Nationals. Yes, the Buccaneers are doing badly, but the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing great! I’m going to my first game this season with my daughter tonight, and I am so excited. At least one of my kids wants to spend time with me (that is a reference to a heartbreaking Halloween story I share around the 7 minute mark).

Speaking of exciting, in this episode we finish our journey through Philippians! I’ve been really blessed by this and I hope you have been, too. We will come out with a “supercut” in the next coming weeks.

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