Philippians 4:1-9

Fr. Dave calls in from Austria, and so happy we didn’t have any technical glitches! Praise God!

Of course, even if we did, we should “rejoice in the Lord always,” as Paul tells us in this episode’s focus on Philippians 4:1-9. It has been a real blessing going through this letter with Fr. Dave. I think we will wrap it up in the next episode.

But that isn’t all we talk about. Since the World Series is just starting, you know Fr. Dave has to say something about that. We also had an incredible conference on campus about Pope Benedict, and Pope Benedict himself wrote Fr. Dave a personal letter! I’m somewhat jealous. You can see that letter HERE.

We also talk about the potential merger of the Diocese of Steubenville with the Diocese of Columbus. Neither of us have any inside information about the process, but we do ask for your prayers as it is a difficult situation with a lot of unknowns.

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