Philippians 2:1-11

Ah, another late night podcast. You can tell by my hair it had been a long day. If Fr. Dave had hair, you would have seen it in him, too. He had just flown to Michigan and I had driven (through a storm) from DC back to Ohio. Needless to say, we are a little bit loopy in this episode.

I was in DC to see a DC United game (Major League Soccer). They happen to be the worst in the MLS. On the way to the stadium I passed by Washington National’s stadium, Fr. Dave’s favorite team. They happen to be the worst in the MLB. We talk a little about how strange it is that we stick with losing teams, and what we love about sports in general.

Last week, Pope John Paul I was beatified, and I was incredibly blessed to read more about him. I mention in the podcast that he gave for Wednesday Audience addresses which give some insight into what an amazing man he was. You can find those addresses HERE.

And then we get to Philippians, even though Fr. Dave had prepared something for Ephesians! Good thing this was such a familiar verse. Honestly, I was very blessed by his insights on that section of the letter. Hope you are as well!

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