Deliver Us From Evil

Fr. Dave was somewhere in Maryland and I was somewhere in Virginia when we recorded this podcast, so the audio quality isn’t the best, and the video is me with a picture of Fr. Dave. But I think it came out pretty good all things considering!

I have a feeling that Fr. Dave isn’t rooting for the Colorado Avalanche as much as rooting against my Tampa Bay Lightning. Rough game on Saturday (they lost 0-7) but thankfully they won the next game, so I am still “they that hoping” they could pull off the three-peat.

I’m in Virginia playing music and giving talks to teenagers attending the Diocese of Arlington WorkCamp. During the day, these teenagers help people in need by fixing houses, building handicapped ramps, etc., and then in the evening gather for fun, fellowship and prayer. I think I first helped with WorkCamp back in… 96? I’ve not been able to be a part of it since 2015 when I took over leading worship for all of the adult and summer conferences. But now that I’m just leading worship for the adult conferences (still speaking at some youth conferences), I had the dates available and I’m THRILLED to be back.

In this episode, Fr. Dave and I finish the last petition of the Our Father, “deliver us from evil.” I’m grateful for all the positive feedback on the past few episodes! We think we will keep pulling out longer themes like this and we are happy for ideas on what you might like us to talk about. Shoot an email to

Fr. Dave is heading to India for the next couple of weeks and I’m out and about doing other summer conferences, so we aren’t exactly sure if we will be able to release any new episodes next week or early July, but we will try our best!

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