Lent: Hope (and the rescue of Grogu)

Over the weekend, I broke into Castle Greyskull (aka the Holy Spirit Friary) and rescued Grogu who had been held captive there. In this episode you will hear Fr. Dave trying to make excuses, but notice how I break him down during interrogation. I would now like to provide photographic evidence. First, look where they put him:

How sad is that! He is in the corner on a high shelf. If the isolation wasn’t enough, the view of the paper cutter beneath is a kind of psychological torture. Then, notice his back:

The horror! The image speaks for itself. Finally, see the joy in a child’s face when he is returned to a loving family:

I rest my case.

I think we talk about other things in this podcast, like NCAA basketball, Dr. Jordan Peterson’s visit to campus, and how the virtue of hope is an important part of Holy Week. But those all pale in comparison.


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