Countdown to Lent

This weekend I went to the NBA All-Star Game with my son, Bobby, and daughter, Elliana. It was SO MUCH FUN! This was a “bucket list” thing to do, and since All-Star games seem to only come to Cleveland every 25 years I figure the next time it will be within driving distance will be when I’m 75! So I had a lot to say about basketball, and Fr. Dave was suspiciously quiet about baseball and the impending strike.

We spoke a bit about the situation in the Ukraine, but we really didn’t have much to say except how we are all so worried about it, and are keeping the people of that country in our prayers.

We ended with a challenge to prayerfully prepare for Lent! Our next 7 episodes we are going to offer reflection on the seven virtues and how they connect to the Lenten season. So enjoy this last week of Ordinary Time!

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