Sleeping At the Movies

Well, it was a bit delayed, but Fr. Dave and I finally got the chance to see Spider-Man: No Way Home together. It was my second time, Fr. Dave’s first.

Man, I love that movie. But I agree with Fr. Dave’s assessment: it really works for geeks who are into Spider-Man (and the many movies that were brought together in this one), but doesn’t “stand alone” as well as some of the others (like Spider-Man: Homecoming).

As you can tell by the title, Fr. Dave fell asleep during a key moment. I won’t spoil it here, but be aware that we do have spoilers in the podcast. Sorry, but it was the only way to truly make fun of him.

We also talk about how to stay hopeful even though COVID is still lingering around, as well as what is beautiful about Ordinary Time.

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