The Peace of Advent

Like usual, we cover a variety of topics on this episode. I’ve been praying a lot for those impacted by the school shooting in Oxford, Michigan last week, especially the four teenagers and their families. As I share in the podcast, I am (once again) frustrated with how the media is covering it. News media is entertainment, and they are always looking for a “new” story to tell. Lots of attention is being given to the shooter’s parents, because that is an unusual “twist” to this kind of tragedy. But it seems like we don’t hear much about the victims because that isn’t as “interesting.” Let’s keep these souls and their families in prayer: Justin Shilling, age 17, Madisyn Baldwin, 17, Tate Myre, 16, and Hana St. Juliana, 14. I fear as a society we are getting to used to this, and the knee-jerk reaction is talking about gun control. A more serious issue (and one that is harder to address) is that many teens feel isolated and unloved. The shooter was only fifteen years old. What a tragedy for everyone involved.

So I asked Fr. Dave, “where is the hope in all of this?” I loved his answer. Obviously, the only one who can save us is Jesus. Speaking of our need of a savior, that is what Advent is all about! Fr. Dave shares beautifully about this week of Advent, and how the “peace” offered by Christ is different than that of the world.

I once again had a video issue, but now I know how to fix it! So hopefully the video will work next week.

Please pray for Bob Pivonka, Fr. Dave’s father, as he is struggling with his health.

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